DIY HD HTPC Extravaganza - Part 1: The Cases

Side And Interior Views

The interior of this case is very roomy and designed to accommodate a full-size ATX motherboard. The pre-installed power supply makes itself at home in an unusual location: it's situated right behind the front panel instead of projecting out the back of the case. The power supply also anchors a drive cage that can accommodate two 3.5" hard drives. An extension cable makes the connection with an external power source (namely, a wall socket) possible. Two additional hard disks can also be mounted behind the PSU to the rear of the case. All told, the Overture II-EC can handle up to four 3.5" hard disk drives and two 5.25" drives.

Awkward looking front panel

Unspectacular rear

Lots of space for drives inside

Two drives sit above a special cooler