DIY HD HTPC Extravaganza - Part 1: The Cases

Thermaltake Bach VB8000BNS: Attractive with Good Expandability

Thermaltake offers numerous HTPC cases, many of which bear the monikers of famous composers. We'll first look at Bach, then Mozart, but sorry, no Beethoven. The entire family of cases all feature the same steel superstructure, so that everything behind the front panel is the same. The front panel itself for each model is different, however, though all are made of matte-finish heavy-gauge aluminium.

If you compare the Thermaltake Bach or Mozart with an HTPC predecessor, you'd quickly realize that these cases are all the same on the inside. Only the front differs, which makes for a clever product line, where one theme quickly gives way to at least three distinct variations.

Thermaltake Bach VB8000BNS
Manufacturer Thermaltake
Pricing $100-140
Materials Aluminium / Steel
Weight 19.8 lbs / 9 kg
Dimensions 16.9" x 6.7" x 17.9" / 430 x 170 x 452mm
Equipment Details
Motherboards supported (form factor) ATX, Micro-ATX
Total Slots 7
PSU Form Factor ATX
5.25" drive bays 3 x
3.5" drive bays 5 x
Front connector 2 x USB, 1 x 1394, 2 x Audio
Accessories / Retail Packaging Optional Media Lab (VFD & remote control; $77-117)