New Firefox 4 Beta Has Direct2D GPU Acceleration

If you were waiting for the version of Firefox that takes advantage of your new ATI or Nvidia GPU. If you've got Windows 7, you'll want to check out the latest Firefox 4 beta.

While the previous release supported Direct2D features in a secret setting, this latest beta release, available for download here, has it enabled by default.

This new Firefox 4 beta also introduces a new audio API to expose the raw audio data housed within the <video> and <audio> elements in HTML5 so that developers can read and write raw audio data within the browser.

Read more about the latest beta here.

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  • Skid
    Correction, has enabled it by default only on Windows 7, on vista you still need to manually enable it and as its requires DX10, it won't work on XP. At least thats what the details said when I read them yesterday.
  • Silmarunya
    Direct2D still causes text to be rendered blurry. I know it's not an FF issue but an inherent DirectType issue, but still...