DIRECTV To Add New High-Definition Package

DIRECTV announced that it will launch a new high-definition (HD) programming package on July 1. The HD package will include ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet and HDNet Movies, and is available by subscription for $10.99 per month.

In addition to ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet and HDNet Movies, DIRECTV will also provide its customers with special events broadcast in HD, similar to events broadcast in the past, such as USA's coverage of the Masters Tournament, NBA games and NBA TV programming blocks.

To access HDTV channels, consumers may purchase any HDTV set with a built-in DIRECTV Receiver or a DIRECTV-enabled high-definition set-top receiver, and a single 18 x 20- or 18 x 24" multi-satellite dish with three LNBs. With the addition of the HD package, DIRECTV will offer a total of seven HD channels.

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