Russian President Visits Cisco, Apple and Tweets

The Russian president Dimitri Medvedev has just joined Twitter. Yes, he may be late to the party, but he picked a great time to start up his account as it was during his trip to San Francisco.

In fact, he started up his Twitter stream as part of his visit to Twitter, Apple, Cisco, Stanford University and even lunch with Barack Obama. Here are some of his tweets:

·      Silicon Valley's greatest asset is communication. People discuss their work not trifles. Russia would benefit from this kind of environment.

·      The government's task is to create job opportunities. We have the money now, but we don't have a Silicon Valley. We must spend wisely.

·      The decision of major American companies to come to Russia and invest shows that we can agree on more than just missiles.

Through Medvedev's stream, we get to see some inside pictures of him with Steve Jobs (where he picks up an iPhone 4) as well as lunch with the U.S. President at a burger joint.

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  • nictron
    But Steve, holding the phone like that reduces signal strength!
  • Silmarunya
    Medvedev and Steve had a great time discussing ways of keeping a mindless and subservient crowd happy and on how to find high quality sycophantly yes-nodders. They even found the time to discuss the best way of enslaving fans.

    Russia and Apple: unlikely allies...