Digital Camera: Canon Powershot A80

The Powershot A80 is a mid-range compact digital camera destined for the wider public. Its target market is both novices and experienced photographers that may have previously used Canon SLR film cameras. Beginners will appreciate the effectiveness of its automatic functions, and the adjustable LCD screen that is perfect for self-portraits and above-angle shots. The skilled photographer will like its manual modes, the numerous available settings and its optional optical add-ons.

We received the unit a long time before the launch - slated for late September in the U.S. and late October in Europe - so in fact what we got was a prototype. After a lot of negotiation, Canon had agreed to lend us this model, on condition that we made it clear that results obtained were not definitive. Some points, that we will stress where appropriate, could be still corrected between now and the actual launch of the product. However, the unit we were given offers a good idea of the camera's new ergonomics. We were able to compare it with the rest of the Canon ranges to discover the differences and the advantages of the new product and to get a good look at what will undoubtedly be a star purchase at the end of this year. It will also definitely make a popular Christmas present.

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