Deus Ex: HR Played on AMD Eyefinity 5x1 Portrait

Earlier this year we visited AMD's offices in Markham, Ontario, Canada to check out a new Eyefinity setup called 5x1, which uses five monitors in portrait mode. This is an excellent setup thanks to a central display that is undisturbed by a bezel.

We were lucky to see it in a preview stage, but unfortunately, support for this mode wasn't publically available yet. Of course, you can always just grab the preview driver with support for Eyefinity 5x1 right here.

Last week we stopped by AMD's Canadian operations again for an update, and the good news is that Eyefinity 5x1 is almost ready for primetime. We were treated to another game demo, this time of new entry to the superb Deus Ex series. Check it out below.


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  • amdwilliam1985
    This setup is really really cool, I want one!
  • utengineer
    "The best way to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the world."

    Not so much. Bezels are distracting. Projectors anyone?
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Phew... finally, an article that belongs on Tom's. Sweet screen setup, btw! One day I'll get this.