Denon blasts its way to Blu-ray market with high-end player

Mahwah (NJ) - Super high-end audio/video manufacturer Denon has decided to enter the HD format war with the announcement of a new Blu-ray Disc player for later this year.

Denon’s DVD-3800BDCI is expected to be the first new player to come standard with support for BD Profile 1.1, a set of standards that all players must accommodate after October 31.

Unique to the Denon player is the inclusion of a 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset. This will help with reduction of video artifacting, meaning DVD upscaling will be better than other Blu-ray players, claims Denon.


Unlike some players, however, Denon’s model will not include an Ethernet connection. Future Blu-ray titles are expected to include Internet support for additional bonus features. Since Denon’s player won’t be able to access these features, it includes an SD card slot so users can download content from a PC and transfer it to the device.

The 3800BDCI is planned for release this fall at a price of around $2000, officially making it the most expensive Blu-ray player in the US.

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