Dell Says Its New XPS 435 is "Mind Blowing"

Dell is ramping up performance with the Studio XPS 435.

Over the last several years, Dell has diversified its computer offerings in an attempt to better meet the needs of its customers. What started with Inspiron and XPS desktops is now Inspiron, Vostro, Studio, XPS, Studio XPS, and Alienware. Confusing? Maybe, but the increased number of brands has allowed for some powerful desktops whose looks are beyond the classic Dell cases.

The newest offering in the desktop market from Dell is the Studio XPS 435. The Core i7-based system does have some impressive options, although it is not yet for sale. Users can customize the 435 with Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme processors, which come on an X58 motherboard. What really separates this new offering from existing Studio XPS desktops are looks, memory, graphics, and storage. The 435 can take up to 24 GB of triple channel DDR3 memory as well as up to 4.5 terabytes of hard drive space. Compared to the 12 GB of RAM and 1.28 TB (640 x 2) of storage in existing offerings, this newest Studio XPS is a cut above other Dell desktops in its product line, offering more than enough storage and RAM for any Photoshop or Avid buff.

For graphics, the XPS 435 does away with the 512MB ATI Radeon 4850 offered in the other Studio XPS solutions and offers a 1 GB 4870 with GDDR5 memory. Unfortunately, the 435 has only one PCI-express x16 slot, but pictures of the case's insides show that there is room for a 4870 X2 if you decide to upgrade after purchase. The included 4870 has a HDMI out, which would make the optional Blu-ray drive a useful addition.

Speaking of the case, the new case that comes with the Studio XPS 435 looks pretty stylish, considering what company it's coming from. The case is tilted upward slightly, and offers three USB ports and audio connections on the top as well as a memory card suite above the optical drives. The coloring is a slick black and gray with red highlighting.

No price or sale date are available, but if you go high end with the 435, expect to wave your income tax refund goodbye, and then some--but fear not: Dell says its new Studio XPS 435 offers "mind blowing entertainment." Take a look at the Studio XPS 435 here.

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