Dell Fined $30,000 for Taiwanese Pricing Errors

In the last month, Dell has faced increasing scrutiny over its apparent price errors on its Taiwanese online retail site.

After being ordered by the Taiwan government to honor purchases for the erroneously priced 19-inch LCD monitor for $15, Dell followed up with a few more pricing errors, leading consumer protection bodies to step in.

Taiwan's Consumer Protection Commission has given a fine to Dell of NT$1,000,000, or just over $30,000 USD.

Now Dell is faced with either paying the fine or going back to honor all the original orders at the erroneously lower prices. While the logical thing for Dell to do is to take the less costly of two avenues, it'll be interested to see if Dell's pride will have anything to do with its next step.

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  • mi1ez
    Do both. Make yourself look genuinely sorry and BLOODY PROOF READ YOUR WEBSITE! Idiots...
  • dokk2
    S.F.B. Strikes again,,are they tooooo stupid to put a pricing/item description disclaimer on their site,,all the local stores that I go to do????
  • devilxc
    People make mistakes. Things like this are breeding the wrong type of world where every statement people make needs to have a caveat. You shouldn't need a disclaimer, it's down right obvious.

    If a deal seems too good to be true it is; hence the thousands of buyers.

    Money should be refunded and possibly a good will gesture. The people who bought it wouldn't lose out. Thailand wouldn't lose out. Only Dell would lose out with the damage to its reputation.

    Why should it be fined?

    This world is spiraling...