Dell's 120 New Super Stylish Studio Designs

Tired of seeing other people have the exact same laptop that you do? Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

Well, if you want something factory customized, that is.

Dell has unveiled a new custom paint job sort of option for customers looking to buy a Studio 15 or Studio 17 laptop. While the Studios were always considered Dell’s more fashionable options when the line launched last summer, today the Studios went radical with the Design Studio customization option.

Shoppers can browse through 110 different designs that will grace the LCD display lids of Studio laptops. Some even have customizable art, as the “Series” options come with a slider where the user can change the color scheme or the amount of detail in the artwork.

Customized artwork isn’t as cheap as choosing a solid lid color. Getting a piece of art on your laptop lid will run you $85, whereas a solid color is $40. You can’t really put a price on being snazzy though.

Browse the Dell Design Studio here.

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