Dell Adamo XPS's Latch is Heat Sensitive

Dell has been exceptionally good at teasing details of the Adamo XPS, which it already claims to be the thinnest notebook in the world at just 0.39-inches thick.

Last week Dell revealed some more photos of the upcoming laptop, which sports a rather interesting looking hinge. See those photos here.

Now just one other juicy detail has come out. According to a report from BusinessWeek: "The Adamo XPS has a heat-sensing strip on the lip that, when swiped with a finger, glows white and automatically opens the aluminum lid."

Now that's hot.

The Adamo XPS is expected to make its full public debut alongside the launch of Windows 7, so hopefully we'll know all by the end of this week.

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  • kelewan
    Rab1d-BDGRSexy, but it's still a Dell...

    My thoughts exactly.
  • Anonymous
    Wicked... until it breaks and you can't open your laptop
  • core i7 ownage
    And it's Dell, so it will be overpriced by 1000%