DeepCool Announces 1250W Power Supply

Deepcool has announced yet another new PSU, though this one is rather powerful. The new Quanta DQ-1250W is capable of delivering -- you guessed it -- 1250 W of continuous power.

The PSU is built using two 12 V rails, one of which can push 45 A, while the other can push up to 65 A. The unit also has 80-Plus Platinum certification, meaning that not only is it efficient, it also runs cooler as less energy is being turned into heat. This allowed Deepcool to opt for a fan profile that has the silent 140 mm fan power down when the PSU load is below 30 percent and the ambient temperature is below 25° C. The fan will also spin for up to 30 seconds after the system powers down to cool down all the components, said to ensure a longer lifespan. Deepcool has equipped the Quanta DQ-1250W with all the expected safety and regulatory certifications we'd expect from a modern-day power supply.

Cabling on the unit is semi-modular, with the most commonly used cables permanently attached. Connectors include a 24-pin ATX power connector, two 4-pin EPS CPU power connectors, eight 6+2 pin PCI-Express power connectors, 16 SATA power connectors, as well as 10 Molex power connectors.

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  • danwat1234
    What if I don't want the fan to spin up for 30 seconds after the system powers down because it will wake up my wife?
  • InvalidError
    If your wife can sleep through you using the PC, I doubt the fan is going to wake her up... unless the designers did something silly like set it to max voltage on shutdown.

    My guess is they are simply feeding the fan controller off an extra 12V output on the 5VSB transformer to operate the fan and its thermal control independently from the main rails. If the PSU was not warm enough to run its fan while the PC was on, it won't run after it gets turned off. If it was running, it should not get any louder than it was prior to shutdown either.
  • jd_w98
    Why is this news?