Deepcool Creates Electro Limited Edition Version Of The Ark 90 Chassis

Deepcool seems to be gradually positioning itself into a genuine competitor in the high-end case market. Much like In Win did years earlier, when it released the first of what would grow into its “Signature” line of exclusive chassis, Deepcool has released a string of unconventional, quality-focused cases targeted at those who value novelty and aesthetics above practicality and performance. The two cases that most exemplify this are the Tristellar and Quadstellar.

The Ark 90 isn’t quite as unique, or expensive, as those two, but it’s still a level above in design compared to most cases. At $300, it’s also a level above most in cost, but that price buys you an included CPU water-cooling system and four RGB-lit fans. Specifically, the cooling system is based on Deepcool’s Captain AIO water cooler, but the water is additionally piped through an aesthetic water channel and flow indicator that is built into the front of the case. Other unique aesthetic features include integrated RGB-lit accents and a two-faced construction that features a glass left half and steel right half, not unlike the Lian Li PC-09.

If you like the Ark 90 but want an even more unique version of it, then you can get the new Electro Limited Edition version. Like NZXT and its Hyper Beast or Lian Li and its ROG edition cases, Deepcool has a history of making uniquely painted and colored versions of its regular cases. The first case to receive custom paint was the Tristellar, but with the Quadstellar Electro and Ark 90 Electro, Deepcool seems to have centered on a striking silver and orange color scheme. The Ark 90 Electro’s steel right half has been done up in orange, both internally and externally, and its left half remains glass-on-black. Like the Quadstellar Electro, the Ark 90 Electro is limited to 100 units, and each is uniquely numbered.

Deepcool didn’t detail the availability and cost of the Ark 90 Electro, but we’ve reached out to the company to find out how to acquire this unique case.


Deepcool New Ark 90 Electro Limited Edition



Motherboard Support

Up to E-ATX

Dimensions (HxWxL)

545.5 x 232 x 530mm



Card Length

310mm (Horizontal) /400mm (Vertical)

CPU Cooler Height


Power Supply Format

PS/2 up to 200mm

Internal Bays

6 (3x 3.5 / 3x 2.5)

Card Slots

8 + 2

Ports / Jacks

2× USB3.0

1x HD Audio

1x Mic

1x RGB Controller


280mm Captain Series All-In-One cooler

Vertical GPU mount

Included Fans

Rear: 1×140mm RGB fan

Side: 3×140mm RGB fan


Top: 3×120mm fan

Front: 3×120mm fan

Radiator Support

Up to 360mm



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