[Deals] 36% Off The Netgear PL1200 Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Use your existing electrical wiring to extend your Internet access to any room in your house with this 1.2 Gigabit powerline Ethernet adapter. Designed for 4K HD streaming, lag-free gaming and smart TV’s, the Netgear PL1200 doesn’t take more than a minute to set up. No need to configure it or to install any software, just plug on adapter in the room when the router is located, and the other one in the room you want to extend your Internet access to.

Thanks to 1.2 Gigabit speed as well as multiple data streams (MIMO) with Beamforming, the Powerline 1200 provides an extra noise-filtered outlet and improves the overall Powerline network performance. If needed you can also encrypt your powerline network connections with the touch of a button.

Save 36% and get the Netgear PL1200 Powerline Ethernet Adapter for just £19.99 with free delivery in the UK.

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