DDR400 Kills Rambus: Shooting Star SiS 648 for P4

Test Setup And Details

CPU Intel Pentium 4 2,5 GHz (2533/133 MHz)
Memory 1 2 x 256 MB, RDRAM, Kingston
533 MHz, 32 ns, PC1066
Memory 2 2 x 256 MB, RDRAM, Kingston
533 MHz, 35 ns, PC1066
Memory 3 1 x 256 MB, DDR-SDRAM, TwinMOS/Winbond
200 MHz, CL2.5, PC3200
Hard Disk 40 GB, ATA100, 7200 U/min, 5T040H4, Maxtor
Graphics Card MSI GeForce 4 Ti 4600
Memory: 128 MB DDR-SDRAM
Memory Clock: 300 MHz
Chip Clock: 650 MHz
I850 E Gigabyte GA-8IHXP Rev.: 2.1
I845 E Asus P4B533-E Rev.: 1.02
I845 G Asus P4B533-V Rev.: 1.01
P4X400 P4PB400 Rev.: A
SIS 648 Reverenz Board
Treiber & Software
Chipset Driver V4.00.1009
Aplikation Accelerator V2.20
Intel Graphic Driver V6.13.01.3091
VIA DIE/AGP VIA 4in1 V4.40v
SIS IDE Driver r1.01.13 (Windows 2000)
SIS AGP Driver 1.10.03 (Windows 2000)
Graphics Driver Detonator 4 Serie V28.32
DirectX Version 8.1 (English)
OS Windows 2000 SP 2, Bulid 2195 (English)
Benchmarks und Einstellungen
Quake III Arena Retail Version 1.16
command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0
Graphics detail set to 'Normal', 640x480x16
Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
ViewPerf Version 7
mpeg4 encoding Xmpeg 4.5 + DivX 5.02 Pro
Compression/quality: Fastest
Data Rate: 780 kBit
Format: 720x576 Pixel@25 fps
150 MB VOB-Datei, no Audio
WinACE V2.11, 178 MB Wave-Datei, Best Kompression, Dictonary: 4096 kB
SiSoft Sandra 2002 Professional Version 2002.1.8.59
Cinema 4D XL R7 Version V7.303 Rendering: 1024x768
PCMark2002 Pro only CPU and Memory Bench
Lame Lame 3.92 MMX, SSE, SSE 2, 3DNow!
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