Datago DE3: A Media Center PC With Good Looks Too

General Observations

It's shocking to hear the Datago start up, because for the first ten seconds, it sounds quite loud. Fortunately, it quiets down dramatically afterwards; in our test lab, the ambient noise coming from our server easily drowned out the Datago.

Heat vents are located on the top, bottom and sides of the unit. There is a big red sticker on the top of the Datago that warns the user to not cover any of the vents. We made the mistake of putting the unit on its side, which obviously blocked one of the side vents. After a few minutes, the Datago shut down and we got this wonderful powerup message, when we turned the unit back on.

Front View

The front of the unit looks plain, as all of the ports are hidden under a flip out panel on the bottom. The power button is located on the left side, and a recessed reset button is just to the right. The DVD burner is in the center, with the standard control buttons (stop, play, forward, reverse) to the right.

A small LCD display is located in the upper-right corner of the unit. This display normally shows the date and time, but may also display other messages such as "Starting Up" or DVD playback information. The infrared sensor for the remote is located between the DVD burner and LCD display.

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