Datago DE3: A Media Center PC With Good Looks Too


As with any product, there are some quirks that need to be addressed. Most are not the fault of - the blame falls on the Windows Media Center operating system. Here are the major issues:

The lack of an Over-The-Air HDTV tuner may turn away some people. With HDTV stations becoming more popular, this would be a great addition for those in major metropolitan areas. Many of the menus do not accept double clicks and force the user to actually move the cursor to OK or Accept, and THEN click to exit. Windows Media Center will not let you set up either the TV or FM Radio stations until AFTER you plug in the IR Blaster. There is no Quicktime or Divx support


With's DE3 you get a functional computer with a personal video recorder, DVD player, FM Radio and picture viewer - all in one package. The dual tuners should make any television junky happy.

But the unit is not perfect; in addition to the quirks listed above, the Datago is also on the expensive side. Still, after several weeks of testing, we found the Datago to be a stable and easy to use Home Theater PC. The Datago is certainly a viable option for people looking for a Media PC.

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