Das Keyboard 4 for Pre-orders With Cherry MX Blue, Brown

Das Keyboard has announced a new keyboard – the Das Keyboard 4. This keyboard is an updated version of the company's keyboard, and now includes a bunch of new features, including a USB 3.0 hub and dedicated media controls.

The keyboard is mechanical, and can be ordered with either Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Brown switches. Each of the switches is built using a gold-plating. The keycaps are also laser-etched in order to prevent the lettering from fading away over the years.

"Das Keyboard 4 is an order-of-magnitude improvement over past generation Das Keyboards," said Daniel Guermeur, creator of the Das Keyboard and CEO of Metadot. "Programmers, Internet surfers, freelancers and others who work eight to 12 hours a day at their computers know their keyboard is the tool they touch the most, making it the most important tool in their lives. One might as well use the keyboard that provides the best efficiency and enjoyment."

The dedicated media controls include a play/pause button, forward and rewind buttons, as well as a mute button and an 'oversized' volume knob. The commonly found stop button has not been implemented, probably because very few folks actually ever use it.

Also present next to the media keys is a dedicated sleep button, which does exactly what you'd imagine – puts your computer to sleep to save power when you're away.

Pricing for the Cherry MX Blue version is set at $169, while the variant with the Cherry MX Brown switches is set to cost $173.

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  • brandonjclark
    Cool ad, yo.
  • ubercake
    I guess they are nice looking for a keyboard, but someone needs to tell these people mechanical keyboards no longer cost close to $200.I do like the volume control on the keyboard. It's very convenient when you're in-game.
  • airplanegeek
    No backlight for $170???