Cuban president lifts bans on mobile phones

Cuban president, Raúl Castro, lifted restrictions on ownership of mobile phones on Friday, according to the TimesOnline.

Previously Cubans weren’t allowed to own mobile phones unless they were employed by a foreign firm or held a key post in the communist-run state.

We quite like that idea. Only the people who really need the phones are allowed to have them. Sounds sort of like a fairytale. No eleven year olds in the cinema listening to the Crazy Frog ringtone over and over during the trailers . . . Sounds quite nice to us.

Well, watch out Cuba because you’ve got it all ahead of you. Having said that, you’d be a fool to think Cuba was phone-free save for government bigwigs and foreign businessmen. Apparently it wasn’t unusual for Cubans to side-step the ban by having foreigners sign contracts in their name.

We wonder what they’d think of our Humphrey’s experiences of buying a phone in Thailand ?

In his inaugural speech in February, Castro promised to ease some of the restrictions on daily life on the island.

Read more on the TimesOnline.

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