Use Cryorig's Origami Tester To See If CPU Cooler Fits

Surely you've been in a situation where you wondered "Will this CPU cooler fit?" and surely you went out, bought it, and discovered that it didn't fit. Surely enough, you then also found that your favorite retailer doesn't accept returns of opened packaging, after which you, surely enough, were not amused. Well, the guys from Cryorig have come up with a rather brilliant solution: Origami.

Yep, you read that right; Cryorig published Origami patterns for its most popular CPU coolers that you can print, cut, fold, piece together, and use to check whether that CPU cooler will fit on your motherboard. The design includes a tester base, a simulated fin array, and another piece that mimics the heatpipes.

Of course, it will be a little difficult to test this if you're still in the process of ordering your parts, because you will need to have the motherboard you intend to use on hand. You'll also have to know how to print with the right scale, although that's just a matter of selecting the correct paper type and using the "Actual Size" or "True Size" option in your printer settings. The printable PDFs include a 3-cm and 3-inch scale checking tool, which you can use with a ruler.

Templates are available for the Cryorig R1 Ultimate, R1 Universal, C1, and the H5 Universal.

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