Creative X-Fi to Go into Your Automobile

JC Hyun Systems has developed the world’s first automobile infotainment system using Creative’s highly popular Xtreme Fidelity (X-Fi) technology to enhance the overall in-car/truck audio experience for the user.

The RUNZ CI-7100 features the MMSP2 MPEG video hardware engine, SiRF III GPS chipset and Creative’s X-Fi audio processor all backed by an Intel Dual-core 360/300 MHz processor. The user interface features an intuitive 7-inch digital LCD touch screen capable of displaying 800 x 480 pixels resolution which provides a large and clear display of interface controls, images and video playback.

Audio quality is digitally restored and improved using both Creative X-Fi Crystalizer and Creative X-Fi CMSS-3D processing. Additional features of the RUNZ CI-7100 include two AV in/out ports, USB 2.0, SD memory card interfaces and Bluetooth 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate(EDR) support.

Quoting Senior Sales Director of JC Hyun Systems :

“I believe all motorists seek to enjoy music and videos of the highest quality when traveling in their cars. They expect the same high standards of entertainment experience they enjoy at home, something which most car audio or car infotainment systems in the market have been unable to match so far. By integrating the state-of-the-art Creative X-Fi audio technology to the RUNZ CI-7100, I am confident that we can propel car infotainment enjoyment to the next level and set the standard for next generation systems to come in the near future.”

The use of Creative’s Crystalizer and CMSS-3D technology restores vibrancy typically lost in compressed music and movies. All highs and lows in the frequency spectrum are also intelligently enhanced to ensure that users hear everything in the best possible quality. CMSS-3D technology expands stereo MP3s and digital movies into surround sound over multi-channel speaker systems within the vehicle adding a much more immersive experience for the passengers.

The RUNZ CI-7100 Infotainment System is currently available in Singapore through its authorized dealer, Navigator Systems Pte Ltd at a suggested retail price of $1,999.00 which is roughly US$1300.00. As of current there is no word on where, where, or even IF the RUNZ CI-7100 will be available in North America.

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  • skalagon
    Creative haven't made a new soundcard in a very long time. Do they have a card up their sleave or are they just low on cash for R&D with Apple dominating the Mp3 Player market??