Cougar GX-F750W PSU Review

Ripple Measurements

To learn how we measure ripple, please click here.

The following table includes the ripple levels we measured on the GX-F750's rails. The limits, according to the ATX specification, are 120mV (+12V) and 50mV (5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB).

10% Load8.4mV7.9mV9.1mV7.7mVPass
20% Load7.5mV8.4mV10.1mV9.7mVPass
30% Load7.9mV8.6mV11.0mV10.8mVPass
40% Load8.3mV8.8mV12.3mV12.3mVPass
50% Load8.6mV9.2mV14.9mV13.8mVPass
60% Load9.0mV10.6mV14.8mV15.4mVPass
70% Load9.3mV10.8mV16.1mV17.3mVPass
80% Load9.3mV11.4mV17.3mV19.9mVPass
90% Load10.0mV11.8mV18.5mV21.1mVPass
100% Load10.7mV14.4mV22.7mV24.6mVPass
110% Load11.9mV17.1mV22.7mV26.5mVPass
Cross-Load 18.2mV10.2mV16.0mV6.1mVPass
Cross-Load 210.9mV13.9mV20.4mV20.2mVPass

Ripple suppression is great overall, with the +12V rail staying below 11mV at full load and not surpassing 12mV with 110% of the PSU's maximum-rated load.

With that said, we tested this PSU at 40°C and not the 45°C we usually use due to the problems faced with our first sample. Still, we're pretty sure that the 5°C difference won't affect this unit's ripple suppression in a meaningful way.

Ripple Oscilloscope Screenshots

The following oscilloscope screenshots illustrate the AC ripple and noise registered on the main rails (+12V, 5V, 3.3V and 5VSB). The bigger the fluctuations on the screen, the bigger the ripple/noise. We set 0.01 V/Div (each vertical division/box equals 0.01V) as the standard for all measurements.

Ripple At Full Load

Ripple At 110-Percent Load

Ripple At Cross-Load 1

Ripple At Cross-Load 2

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