Recalled notebook batteries to cost Sony up to $267 million

Chicago (IL) - The recent global recall of Sony batteries that has been reported to affect nearly 6 million owners of Dell and Apple notebook computers, will cost Sony as much as $267 million, according to a Sony China official.

Click here to see actual pictures of a Dell notebook whose battery exploded...

The recall was put into place after several pictures of "exploding" Dell and Apple laptops surfaced on the Web. The explosions were supposedly caused by a defect in the Lithium Ion batteries made by Sony.

The $267 million estimate is on par with what the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China reported today. The organization estimated that the damage done to Sony’s group operations may have already reached 2 billion yuan, or approximately $250 million.

The massive recall is also likely to cause financial headaches for Apple and Dell, though the Sony China spokesperson declined to provide an estimate on the potential loss Sony’s customers may face.

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