Corvette ZR1 PC Casemod Can Still Drive Around

We love casemods. The more unusual, the better. Previously we featured a pocketbike that had been turned into a working Core i7 system. Now we're going back to four wheels with this Corvette ZR1 case mod.

Believe it not, this little Corvette ZR1 replica actually still works as the RC car that it was originally. This case mod is definitely just as much 'go' as it is 'show'.

Of course, this mod was done by professional modders, so we have no reason to expect anything but the very, very best.

Check out the pictures and video for more.

Source: Case Mod Blog

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  • Blessedman
    need more videos like that. Loved the one on the black dwarf was it? A 16TB bad a$$ enclosure.
  • dtemple
    I've always been impressed with Bill's work. If you like doing casemods yourself, or want to get into it, the guy that did this mod sells everything you could possibly want at his website,
    He also has photo galleries and videos of his previous projects on there if you want to see some of his other case mods.
  • anacandor
    I want one!