Corsair Intros its Vengeance Airflow Memory Coolers

Corsair is rolling out the Airflow memory coolers that it promised a while ago, along with announcing the Vengeance Pro memory. The coolers are meant to be mounted on top of an array of Vengeance Pro memory DIMMs, and like them, come in multiple colors.

The fan on the unit is a 60 mm PWM controlled fan. It can spin at speeds up to 3500 RPM, where it'll push up to 14.5 CFM. You won't actually need the unit (otherwise, it would've shipped with the memory), but for those of you who want to overclock your memory to absurd levels, keep your memory as cool as possible, or want bragging rights for when your visitors look into your PC case, this should be an affordable solution.

The unit will be available in silver, red and blue. Sadly, there was no indication of a gold colored unit coming, so it won't match your new Asus motherboard. There was no word on pricing.

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  • vmem
    they look cool, but still... very few people actually need memory coolers

    oh well, if you have disposable income...
  • universal remonster
    just out of curiosity, for those running speeds around DDR3 2400, are these coolers justified or does the RAM still run relatively cool with just heat spreaders at that speed? Also, what about in a scenario where the CPU is water cooled and you don't have the airflow from a CPU heatsink fan to pull air across the RAM?
  • Jgriff
    Really?...I've heard overclocked memory offers nothing for gaming, just extra heat. Save yourself the hassle and money, get 1600.