Corsair Reveals Its First SFX PSU, The SF600

During Computex 2015, Corsair invited us to its private suite at the Hyatt hotel where we discovered the company's first SFX PSU offering. During the first day of the show, Corsair's SFX PSU passed almost unnoticed. This PSU powers the company's Bulldog HTPC and can provide enough juice to handle even an Nvidia GeForce Titan X GPU along with a powerful processor.

The max power output of the SF600 is 600 W, as its model number implies, and its efficiency is 80 PLUS Gold certified. Although we usually find 80 mm fans inside such small PSUs, which in most cases are noisy, Corsair managed to squeeze a 92 mm fan into the SF600. The larger fan will be able to rotate at lower speeds, while providing enough airflow to keep the PSU at normal temperatures. The original manufacturer (OEM) of the SF600 is High Power, which lately has made a strong entry into the SFX PSU market where up until now, Enhance Electronics dominated the field.

Corsair also made a number of other product announcements at the show, which you can read about here.

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  • David Dewis
    Interesting to see that the modular connections are the same as the full-sized power supplies. It should make getting extra/custom cables cheaper and easier.
  • warmon6
    nice to see the SFX psu's are starting to gain some traction.
  • nukemaster
    They should release one without modular cables. Those plugs are just too much in some of the smaller cases.

    Other than that, getting a 92mm fan seems like a great idea.