Quiet Gaming Cases, Part 2: Corsair, Fractal, And Gigabyte

Inside The Luxo M10

Though the M10’s structural chassis is fairly short, Gigabyte is still able to fit three external 5.25” bays up top, along with an internal eight-drive cage down below. A single 3.5” external drive bay in the middle is re-purposed for internal use, facilitating the installation of nine hard drives in total.

All three external 5.25” bays come equipped with a flip latch to quickly disengage a drive's locating pins. Meanwhile, only the top four of the Luxo M10’s eight internal 3.5” bays have tool-less twist connectors. The 3.5” bay in the center is slotted, requiring screws.

Since the M10’s motherboard tray is just barely raised off the structural chassis, cables are stowed in the protrusion on the right side-panel. And because the motherboard is upside-down, excess length from the main power cable can simply be coiled up on the case’s floor.

The Luxo M10’s motherboard tray is filled with cable and CPU cooler support access holes. Although none of them are covered by grommets, rolled edges prevent cable abrasion and strengthen the chassis.

Front intake and rear exhaust fans have both three- and four-pin connectors, while the top and side fans are four-pin only. All case fans included with the Luxo M10 are of the 120 mm variety.

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  • mi1ez
    Since standard ATX is 7/8” narrower than this specific platform, we at least know the 550D should be compatible with most ATX boards.

    ALL ATX boards. If it's larger than the ATX standard, it isn't an ATX board!
  • Marcopolo123
    R4 FTW