Quiet Gaming Cases, Part 2: Corsair, Fractal, And Gigabyte

Inside The Obsidian 550D

The Obsidian 550D opens to reveal a pair of three-tray 3.5” drive cages and 13” of card space. Unfortunately, part of that space isn’t usable by the motherboard, and we’ll discuss the reason why on the next page.

Both drive cages are removable, extending card space from 13” to 17.9”.

Rubber-mounted pins on the side of each tray support 3.5” drives, while two sets of holes support the 2.5” form factor favored by SSDs.

There is more than enough room behind the 550D's motherboard tray for a 24-pin main power cable, enough to allow builders to cross smaller cables over each other. Four large grommets help to hide cables where they pass through the tray.

A small hole towards the top-rear corner of the motherboard tray eases routing of CPU power cables. An even larger hole towards the middle of the tray provides additional space for CPU cooler support plates.

An extra-long dust filter on the bottom of the case covers both the power supply intake and optional bottom-mounted fan. The filter slides out from the 550D’s bottom-rear edge for easy cleaning.

The acoustic foam on each side panel overlaps the edge of the main chassis, in effect, acting as a gasket to reduce rattling between the main chassis and panels.

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  • mi1ez
    Since standard ATX is 7/8” narrower than this specific platform, we at least know the 550D should be compatible with most ATX boards.

    ALL ATX boards. If it's larger than the ATX standard, it isn't an ATX board!
  • Marcopolo123
    R4 FTW