Corsair Also Reveals H110i GTX Cooler, New HG10 GPU Water Cooling Brackets

As part of its Computex reveal, Corsair has two new liquid cooling products: the Hydro Series H110i GTX liquid CPU cooler and a handful of new HG10 GPU cooling brackets.

The king of this show is the Hydro Series H110i GTX all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. This cooler packs a 280 mm radiator, which is home to two 140 mm PWM-controlled fans. The fans are SP140Ls, which offer high static pressure (good for pushing air through the radiator mesh). The heart of the cooler, the water pump, features a new design that includes a new pump and cold plate design, which aids in improving thermal transfer from the CPU surface to the cooling loop.

Naturally, the Hydro Series H110i GTX supports the Corsair Link software, which will enable you to adjust the temperatures of your CPU and the coolant, and adjust your fan speed and lighting effects. To use this, you must have a spare USB 2.0 header on your motherboard.

As far as the HG10 brackets go, we already saw the first of these at Computex last year. This year at the show, there is simply an update to the new graphics cards that have hit the market. As such, Corsair is now selling brackets for the GTX Titan X, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti, and the GTX 970 from Nvidia.

The HG10 brackets allow you to remove the stock Nvidia cooler and replace it with an all-in-one CPU cooler from Corsair. The all-in-one loop will then cool the GPU, while the fan that you keep from the standard cooler will take care of cooling the VRM circuitry and memory. Essentially, it is a simple and affordable method to liquid cool your graphics card.

Pricing for the Hydro Series H110i GTX liquid CPU cooler sits at $139.99, and the HG10 brackets go for $39.99. Both of the products will be hitting shelves throughout July.

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  • getochkn
    "Corsair Link software, which will enable you to adjust the temperatures of your CPU and the coolant,"

    Maybe you can VIEW the temp of CPU and coolant, but you can't ADJUST the temp of the coolant.

    Hey, click here, put your coolant to a colder level? WTF.
  • rtware923
    Any coincidence that NZXT's GPU water cooling bracket also uses "G10" as part of the model.....