Corsair HX1000 PSU Review

Final Analysis

The HX1000 is another fine addition to Corsair's rich PSU portfolio. You simply cannot go wrong with this power supply; it offers high enough efficiency, tight load regulation, excellent ripple suppression, and quiet operation even under tough conditions.

Corsair is among the few companies that use a micro-controller for setting the fan speed profile. This allows for more precise control, which then translates to quieter acoustics. Moreover, the low-speed FDB fan that this company utilizes in all of its high-end offerings does its job quietly, while pushing plenty of air flow at the same time. The increased efficiency of modern platforms helps make slower-spinning fans viable, since they don't have to cope with increased thermal loads.

Some enthusiasts would rather do without the in-cable filtering caps that Corsair uses in its Type 4 cables, since they aren't as flexible. Thanks to those capacitors, though, the HX1000 achieves outstanding ripple suppression, matching the performance of Super Flower's Leadex platform. Moreover, the EMI emissions we measured from this platform are kept at low levels, and that's not easy to do. Every product sold in the US and EU markets should comply with all EMI regulations, but unfortunately that's not always the case.

If the HX1000 demonstrated slightly higher efficiency, we'd be more satisfied with its performance. But you can't have everything. And as it stands, we're quite happy with almost perfect ripple suppression, tight load regulation, respectable efficiency, and quiet operation. We're only asking for more efficiency because two lesser-rated competitors with similar capacity fared better in this discipline. Neither the EVGA 1000 G3 nor the Seasonic Prime Gold 1000 are as quiet as the HX1000, though.

From what we've seen so far, the HX line looks like it's doing really well, and we're looking forward to exploring the other models in this family soon.

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