Corsair Hauls Air With Air Series LED Case Fans

Corsair has announced that its new series of fans, the Air Series with LEDs, are available in stores. The fans are simply LED versions of its well-known Air Series fans, and are intended to give buyers a choice of LED fans without sacrificing noise levels or quality.

"Users often feel they are sacrificing quality when using LED fans," said Xavier Lauwaert, Corsair's Director of Product Marketing. "Our new Air Series LED fans combine the proven low-noise, high-performance design of our standard Air Series fans with just the right amount of LED visual flair. Now users can enhance and customize the look of their PCs with LED fans without compromising performance."

The fans come in two sizes: 120 mm and 140 mm. The LED lighting also comes in multiple colors, including white, red, blue and purple. Sadly, there is no green option for those who wish to build Nvidia-themed rigs.

The 140 mm versions will spin up to 1200 RPM, push up to 66.4 CFM, and won't make more than 25.5 dBA of noise. They feature a static pressure of 0.80 mm of water. The 120 mm versions will rotate at up to 1500 RPM, push up to 52.19 CFM, and keep the noise level below 25.2 dBA. They produce a static pressure of 0.75 mm of water. Both models only come in 3-pin versions, and there was no word on whether any PWM versions would be released.

The units are all available already, with the AF140 LED costing $15.99, and the AF120 LED costing $12.99. The AF120 also comes in twin packs, which cost $23.99.

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  • fat_panda
    I wish they didn't sacrifice the rubber corners and voltage step down cable just for LED. Fair price though.
  • John Bauer
    They look like they have nice color. I think i'll stick with my Cougar's though.
  • Shankovich
    Frigging been waiting forever for them to release a 140mm fan...but the volumetric flow rate is too low for me :(. Guess I'll stick with the spectre pros I have, which are still great by the way.