Corsair CX450 PSU Review: Two Flavors, Tested and Compared

Final Analysis

CWT's Corsair CX450 offered higher overall performance and was quieter, while the Great Wall CX450 served up better efficiency and a superior 5VSB rail. A look inside also revealed different cooling fans: CWT went with a fluid dynamic bearing-based fan, which is the same type a number of high-end PSUs use, while Great Wall chose a plain sleeve bearing fan. Interestingly, Corsair claims that its CX450 employs a rifle bearing fan. That'd be the middle ground between the worlds of fluid dynamic and sleeve bearings.

We preferred CWT's version of Corsair's CX450, but that doesn't mean you should avoid Great Wall's. On the contrary, it is based on a very good platform, especially when you take into account its affordable price and the five-year warranty shared between both implementations.

Should you find yourself in the position to pick, we recommend grabbing CWT's CX450 for its quieter operation and higher-quality fan. On top of that, its transient response is better. But if you're shopping online and can't pick the platform you get, don't shy away from the Corsair CX450 due to its multiple personalities. In this budget category, you won't be disappointed by either of them.

In the end, both CX450s are quite good at this price point. If you don't want to go super cheap with EVGA's 450 BT, which sometimes sells for as little as $30, then Corsair's CX450 is ideal. Both versions of the CX450 use modern platforms that are more efficient, less noisy and offer better build quality than the 450 BT.

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Disclaimer: Aris Mpitziopoulos is Tom's Hardware's PSU reviewer. He is also the Chief Testing Engineer of Cybenetics and developed the Cybenetics certification methodologies apart from his role on Tom's Hardware. Neither Tom's Hardware nor its parent company, Purch Media, are financially involved with Cybenetics. Aris does not perform the actual certifications for Cybenetics.