Corsair and OCZ announce low latency DDR modules

Chicago (IL) - Corsair and OCZ today launched new DDR memory modules targeted at enthusiasts and gamers. The products focus on lower latencies rather than higher frequencies and will result in higher performance, the companies said.

OCZ ’s new OCZ PC-3200 Platinum Rev 2 Dual Channel kits will be replacing current 400 MHz OCZ Platinum 3200 modules over the coming month. The modules include an integrated heatspreader to aid in heat dissipation and are rated for CL2-2-2-8 latencies.

"The trend has been to move to higher frequencies at the expense of latencies" said Dr. Michael Schuette, director of technology development at OCZ Technology. "However, given the fact that in most architectures the host bus cannot handle the Memory bandwidth, we need to refocus on what the real needs are." Seamless data flow could only be achieved in low latency environments, Schuette said.

Corsair simultaneously announced a new family of its 3200 XL memory modules which support 2-2-2-5 latencies at 400MHz. The memories are available immediately at Corsair resellers ans are available in 512 MByte configurations. According to Corsair, the modules continue to come with the firm’s "Plug-n-Frag" technology, which allows booting in 2-2-2-5 latencies without BIOS tweaking.

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