Corning Announces Availability of USB 3.Optical Cables

Corning has revealed its newest product, the USB 3.Optical cable capable of transferring data up to 5 gigabits/second over distances of 30 meters.  While comparable copper cables transfer speeds slow down after 3 meters, the USB 3.Optical speeds stay strong.  Compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, these cables are longer, 80% lighter, and 50% thinner than similar copper cables. 

"With longer, thinner, and lighter cables, USB 3.Optical Cables by Corning give users the freedom to max out data connection speeds for a more enjoyable creative workflow," said Bernhard Deutsch, vice president, product line management, Optical Connectivity Solutions for Corning Optical Communications.

The USB 3.Optical cables come with “A-to-A” receptacle connectors for use with multiple device form factors.  These cables are not just for the individual users, they are ideal for all types of businesses. 

Currently available in lengths of 10 meters, Corning will also be releasing USB 3.Optical cables of 15 and 30 meters later this year.  These cables can be purchased online at Amazon and Accu-Tech.

A little pricey at $109.99 online, these optical high-speed cables are ideal for all data transfer applications.

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  • zhunt99
    It weighs 1/5th of a normal USB 3.0 cable at only 20x the price!
  • fleeb
    Somebody does not understand economics.
  • knowom
    Wonder how quick these would be at 3 meters for a crossover cable granted they'd still be expensive at like $40's a cable approximately.