System Builder Marathon: Performance & Value

Benchmark Results: Productivity

3D Studio Max was one of the first benchmarks to prove the full worth of quad-core processing, but it also appears to get at least some benefit from the new Core i7 architecture as well.

Photoshop CS3 isn’t optimized for modern quad-cores, which is why we’re anxious to see our benchmark team produce a script for CS4.

AVG 8 and WinRAR performance scales upward with both increased processing cores and increased clock speed, making only the $625 system appear slow.

Minimal performance differences between drastically different hardware configurations point to Winzip as a single-threaded application.

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  • Anonymous
    Yeah, I'm always quite interested to see an "Elite-enthusiast" build. There's no way I could ever afford to buy one, but it's good to see what the very best performance possible is.

    You should try to get the highest possible 3D Mark or something, and then write articles about how you set about doing it. It'd keep me coming back to see how the project's unfolding :)
  • goozaymunanos
    the lower end is the most important, imo.

    that catches the most people. esp in these times..?

    i'd say even try a cheaper pc than the 650 one!


    p.s. stuff and nonsense:
  • Matthew
    Nice reviews. I hope next month you do something with the new AMD Phenom 2's if there out and maybe the quad core 2 series for us mid range price people that want a quad core without the expense of a i7 ;)
  • HyperDawn
    Good review. With the coming of the Phenom II I think it would be very interesting to see how AMD and Intel compare on at least the value and mid systems, perhaps have a 5-6 system lineup with offerings from both? :)