System Builder Marathon: $2,500 Enthusiast PC

Benchmark Results: Real-Time Strategy

Supreme Commander is also on Nvidia’s list, but this particular game was shipped with a lot of AMD-powered graphics cards. Let’s see how the newer Forged Alliance expansion treats these competing architectures.

We could argue about the minimum acceptable frame rates for playing real-time strategy (RTS) games, but after putting those arguments aside, our former system’s dual HD 4870 X2 graphics cards stomped the life out of our current 3-way SLI rig.

World In Conflict loves our new build, but it’s hard to tell from the shape of these charts which hardware provides the advantage.

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  • daglesj
    Hmm why bother with RAID5 on what is essentially a gaming rig?

    If it was for your home business, a server or your machine that you keep everything 'precious' on maybe. But this is a gaming rig first (if it isnt why have 3xGPUS?) and foremost. If it crashes out so what, just reinstall the games.

    Nice to have but no way essential. Rather have a Raptor for system and a 1TB for junk.
  • Rocketeer007
    To Daglesj - I can see the point of the RAID5. While you may consider a "Gaming Rig" to contain nothing but games, sheer laziness means that my "Gaming Rig" does everything around the house. It's spec'd up to play games blisteringly fast, but I still have all my photos, emails and important documents on it. I did have a "Work" rig for all these, but I'm too lazy to wait for it too boot!

    Just one point regarding this review though: Can you please re-do the graphs so they all show the four computers (December OC, December PC, October OC, October PC) in the same order? There's no consistency here, which means I have to keep consulting the tiny key at the bottom to see which is which - it's not even always in "Fastest first" order, so that justification won't fly!
  • Anonymous
    Optical - LG GGC-H20LK 6X Blu-Ray/HD DVD-ROM, 16X DVD±RW - $23
    ok a Blu-Ray/HD DVD drive for $23 where from?????

    ijn the uk there £50+ still! and iv not seen them that cheap in the us! (newegg is $110) so think somone made a mistake on costings there!