System Builder Marathon: $2,500 Enthusiast PC

Benchmark Results: Synthetics

3DMark loves the 3-way SLI graphics setup of our newer-and-cheaper system, but its lead goes away at higher details.

PCMark’s system and productivity test scale almost directly with CPU operating frequency, showing no gains for the new features of our $2,500 PC’s Core i7 processor. Our new system’s RAID 5 array also lags behind the former build’s RAID 0, but users should appreciate its redundancy.

Sandra’s CPU tests show big performance gains for our $2,500 PC’s new processors, especially in the math test.

A combination of on-die memory controller and triple-channel memory configuration provides our new system with the expected memory bandwidth advantages.

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  • daglesj
    Hmm why bother with RAID5 on what is essentially a gaming rig?

    If it was for your home business, a server or your machine that you keep everything 'precious' on maybe. But this is a gaming rig first (if it isnt why have 3xGPUS?) and foremost. If it crashes out so what, just reinstall the games.

    Nice to have but no way essential. Rather have a Raptor for system and a 1TB for junk.
  • Rocketeer007
    To Daglesj - I can see the point of the RAID5. While you may consider a "Gaming Rig" to contain nothing but games, sheer laziness means that my "Gaming Rig" does everything around the house. It's spec'd up to play games blisteringly fast, but I still have all my photos, emails and important documents on it. I did have a "Work" rig for all these, but I'm too lazy to wait for it too boot!

    Just one point regarding this review though: Can you please re-do the graphs so they all show the four computers (December OC, December PC, October OC, October PC) in the same order? There's no consistency here, which means I have to keep consulting the tiny key at the bottom to see which is which - it's not even always in "Fastest first" order, so that justification won't fly!
  • Anonymous
    Optical - LG GGC-H20LK 6X Blu-Ray/HD DVD-ROM, 16X DVD±RW - $23
    ok a Blu-Ray/HD DVD drive for $23 where from?????

    ijn the uk there £50+ still! and iv not seen them that cheap in the us! (newegg is $110) so think somone made a mistake on costings there!