Intel Core i7-975 Extreme And i7-950 Reviewed

Benchmark Results: Left 4 Dead, H.A.W.X, Grand Theft Auto 4

The Core i7s establish a measurable advantage, though it’s hardly relevant since, even at 1920x1200, all of our contenders hover around the 100 frame per second range.

You’d think that applying anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering would have a profound effect on performance, but in Left 4 Dead, the penalty is minimal. More interesting is the fact that, at both resolutions, our entire field of contenders is exactly even, indicating a graphics bottleneck here.

All of the Core i7s score roughly the same in H.A.W.X., while the Phenon II and Core 2 Extreme processors take a small (yet measurable) lead.

That lead persists at 1680x1050, but is less significant at 1920x1200, even with anti-aliasing turned on to tax the GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 graphics card in our reference build.

This one is known to be more reactive to processor performance, yet most of the field seems fairly even at both resolutions. We don’t test with anti-aliasing turned on in Grand Theft Auto because, simply, the developer doesn’t support it.