Cool Plexiglass Case Lets You Admire Your Handiwork

I've seen cases in just about every color of the rainbow, cases with animal faces, cases in brushed aluminum, and cases with built in windows (not Windows) and neon lights. This is the first one I've seen one that's just about completely transparent. If you want to be able to show off your red GeForce3 card without leaving the cover off your case, check out the site of Bacatá & Naya Design . These folks just launched a new case called the CristO that is built primarily out of clear plexiglass and has brushed aluminum accents. Despite the fact that it just looks flat-out cool, the company says that the case gives you a well-balanced cooling system and thermally controlled fans with built in thermistors. It gives you screwless access to your computer's guts but can also be locked to keep anyone from fiddling with the merchandise. Here's the skinny on the box's specs: three 5.25" and two x 3.5" front-accessible drive bays, two 120 mm Sanyo Denki Thermo thermally speed controlled fans with built-in thermistor on the top, one 80 mm Sanyo Denki Thermo fan with built-in thermistor on the rear, and two 60 mm Sanyo Denki Thermo fans with built-in thermistor for the hard drive bay. The picture above doesn't do it justice. Hope it's as sturdy as it is pretty.