Computex: Via Shows Off P4 DDR Chipset

Seems like everyone's ganging up on Rambus. Yesterday, Via showed off a P4 chipset that supports DDR SDRAM at Computex. The company said it will ship its P4X266 chipset in August, despite the fact that Via doesn't yet have a license for the P4 bus from Intel. According to , Via benchmarked a 1.5 GHz P4 with an Intel 850 chip set and Rambus memory against a P4 with Via's X266 chip set and DDR memory. Via says its configuration eeked out eight percent better system performance. According to the same story, Via figures that it doesn't need to worry about getting a license from Intel since it acquiRead S3, who already have a cross-licensing agreement with the chip manufacturer. Expect to see lawsuits, but take a long hard look at that Rambus stock if you still have it. Get extended Computex show coverage by signing on for Tom's Hard Newsletter .

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