Computex 2008 Wrap-Up

Cooling and power supplies

A large number of cooling and case companies were at the show this year. Thermaltake, Thermalright, ArticCooling and many others showed off some very innovative products.

Thermalright Heat Panel

One Thermalright case even had a radiator panel take up an entire side of the case. The product was an integrated full-fledged water cooling system that moved water through a large radiator to dissipate heat. The product was very unique among all the other water cooling products we saw, which took advantage of the large size of the chassis.

ArcticCooling displayed a number of unique products, but one that caught our attention was a system designed to cool your RAM modules. The ArcticCooling RAM cooler, aptly named, looked like a beast and edging on outrageous. Overclocking enthusiasts that tweak every part of their systems however will appreciate the new product.

ArciticCooling RAM Cooler
CWT Power SupplyIn the power supply department, CWT or Channel Well Technology took top honors by introducing power supplies with 90-percent power efficiency. The great thing about CWT is that it is the primary OEM for several popular power supply vendors so we can definitely expect to see newer 90-percent units from your favorite companies fairly soon.

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  • darthpoik
    Who wants to bet that when this touch screen stuff becomes available that it wont be responsive due to the thousands of internet requests back to microsoft for simply copying a jpeg.