Computex Taipei 2005 Day 1: Desperately Seeking Excitement

Dual 6800 Ultra Graphics Board

Earlier this year there were images of a dual graphics processor on a single card solution from Asus. Proudly displayed on their wall was a dual 6800 ultra card. The card, which is roughly the size of 3DFX 5500 cards, is a monster. To fit it into a standard mid tower ATX case, the user would have to forego the use of one of the HDD locations due to its length.

This card is not only a monster in size but in terms of power - we're not talking about performance power, here, but wattage consumption. When asked about power consumption Project Manager Rick Yu said "the card minimally consumes 230 W." While in an idle state, this card could conceivably devour small power supplies.

Asus Wireless

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