Computex Taipei 2005 Day 1: Desperately Seeking Excitement

RX800 Dual Features Both AGP & PCI Express

This could be one of the most interesting products at the show, considering the possibilities that ATI's CrossFire platform will deliver. This RX800 card is based on ATI's X800XT and supports up to 512 MB of GDDR3 memory. Basically, it is a PCI Express card, but MSI decided to also place an AGP bridge on the back of the PCB. As a result, this baby can be used either in AGP or PCIe systems; all you need to do is changing the unusual-looking DVI output connector.

Now imagine using this card with your existing nForce2/nForce3 or 845/865/875 motherboard. You may upgrade to a platform that is CrossFire compatible later on, add an X800 master graphics card and -voilá, here is the CrossFire dual graphics platform.

Bluetooth Calculator, Wireless Audio

Now here is something that actually makes sense. The Bluetooth Calculator is attached wirelessly and can also be used as a numeric pad for notebook computers.

We are not sure whether this card is particularly new, but it incorporates both Bluetooth and 802.11g into one board, using a single antenna.

These wireless audio devices allow for transmitting an audio source coming from a 3.5 mm connector via Bluetooth to the receiver. The range is about 33 feet (10 meters) and the quality is expected to be sufficient.
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