Computex 2000 Part 1: Tom's View


You might not be too familiar with Q-Lity, which is a daughter of Taiwan's Quanta Corporation. Quanta is very big in the OEM business and the second largest notebook manufacturer in the world. Notebooks from DELL are actually manufactured by Quanta, and Business Week ranks them the No.14 of the Top100 IT companies in the world, just 4 places behind Microsoft.

Q-Lity is Quanta's brand for retail motherboards and flat panels. The motherboards are developed by a team with huge engineering resources. Q-Lity claims that it has no less than 420 R&D engineers alone and excellent high-tech production facilities that can deliver several hundred thousand customized motherboards/day.

At Q-Lity's booth I was particularly impressed by their CPV4-TD dual FC-PGA Pentium III motherboard with VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset. They showed it running rock stable at 155 MHz FSB and with 2 GB of memory, which requires special engineering because VIA supports only 1.5 GB of memory for this chipset.

Q-Lity is also offering an i815-solution called CP815E-TL and a SocketA motherboard for Thunderbird and Duron with KT133 chipset by the name of K7VT-T .

OK, so far about my first impressions. I've got to run to my next appointments and will continue with my Computex report later on. We've got a lot more hot things to tell and can also offer something very special that only Tom's Hardware Guide can bring you from this year's Computex/Taipei. Stay tuned!

Follow-up by reading the article 'AMD's Thunderbird finally fully fledged '.

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