Computex 2000 Part 1: Tom's View


First of all I was surprised to see that the mysterious Compaq-motherboard that had been shipped in AMD's Thunderbird evaluation units is actually nothing but a slightly modified version of FIC's brand new AZ11 SocketA-motherboard.

You can find more information about this motherboard at FIC's website .

'FS31' is the name of FIC's upcoming i815 motherboard, which will be very interesting as well, although it only seems to come as MicroATX.

Another interesting product from FIC is the upcoming Aqua 3200 web pad , powered by Transmeta's Crusoe processor.

You might remember how much I liked the Cyrix prototype web pad that was shown at Comdex 1998. Now it finally seems to become reality. Unfortunately the Aqua model at FIC's booth was not functional yet, but it's supposed to be released in Q3 this year. Find out more about it here .

Last but not least I'd like to mention FIC's Bluetooth Module that enables wireless home networking. Unfortunately I didn't get any in-depth press information about it and I couldn't find it at FIC's website as well.

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