Crucial Study Finds that Computers Cause Stress

Several years ago, when I was holding a dinner table speech about some new technology, a friend reminded me that computers simply solve problems we otherwise would not have, and that computers create problems that they do not solve. A whopping 94 percent of survey respondents said that they experienced computer performance problems causing stress. 52 percent of respondents said they are unhappy with the performance of their PC.

The level of stress was greater than that experienced when choosing what to wear (47 percent), traffic jams (27 percent), going through airport security (21 percent), dealing with finances (19 percent), filing taxes (18 percent), managing their overall health (14 percent), and arguing with their spouse (13 percent). Crucial's debate ties into a discussion in the industry how much performance the average user really needs. However, most of the time, this debate focuses on the GPU and not on the memory.

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  • atikkur
    until highend gpu cannot render realtime avatar quality rendered graphics in 60+ fps for video games,, we are not satisfied with our computer performance.
  • math1337
    94% of consumers are too stupid to uninstall the bloatware that comes with new computers. Also, they download EVERYTHING on the internet and install it. I've seen it happen too many times.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Losers. Get an SSD, an i3 and 4-8 GB of RAM and stop complaining. Oh, and get a life while you're at it, computers might create problems they don't solve but there won't be airport security, finances, taxes and other stuff without them, so STFU and deal with it.

    Also, stress over choosing what to wear? Seriously? Seriously? I don't think I can take the survey seriously, the respondents seem to be whiny drama queens.