CompuServe Forums Are Still A Thing, But Not For Long

CompuServe (which still exists) is slated to shut down its forums this December.

For those born after the mid 1990s, the name "CompuServe" may not hold the same relevance for you that it does for people of a certain age who cherish it as a fond memory and put it in the same nostalgic league as AOL, 56K modems, and LimeWire. Actually, you could say that CompuServe was AOL before AOL was AOL.

CompuServe was the first major internet service provider (ISP) in the U.S. in the late 1980s, and it remained a dominant brand in the budding ISP market until AOL became competitive in the mid 1990s. AOL eventually went on to acquire CompuServe by 1998. CompuServe is currently owned by Oath, which is in turn owned by Verizon (long-time CompuServe forum fans can direct their wrath towards them).

The service has been whittled down over the years, with the forums being one of the last remaining bastions of the old regime. However, on December 15, the forums close for good, according to a post on its community help forum:

“Dear Forum friends and family,

We regret to inform you that the Forums will be removed from the CompuServe service effective December 15, 2017. For more than two decades, the CompuServe Forums paved the way for online discussions on a wide variety of topics and we appreciate all of the participation and comments you have provided over the years.

All of your email, news, weather, sports, and entertainment information will remain available to you after this change. We are constantly evaluating the content and services that are available through the service, and look forward to bringing you new content and services in the future.


The CompuServe Team”

Although the CompuServe forums are closing its doors, its legacy won't soon be forgotten. Or, it might.

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  • nukemaster
    Much of the early web is gone or greatly changed. this is just the latest to be shut down.

    If anyone wants to see some of the old web, archives of many sites are still available on