EA Staffer Not Liking EA's New Restrictive DRM

Current editor-in-chief of EA.com Jeff Green, who has a long history with the Ziff-Davis publishing company, is making it public that he's not a fan of the new DRM scheme that EA has chosen to protect Command & Conquer 4.

Earlier in the month, we reported that EA was opting to use the same sort of DRM method that Ubisoft is with its constantly-required internet connection, even in single player mode.

Green, an employee of Electronic Arts, made it known through is Twitter stream that he's experiencing a problem with playing through C&C4 not because of a problem with the master server (as is the case with Ubisoft's customer woes) but because of a less-than-reliable DSL connection at home.

"Booted twice--and progress lost--on my single-player C&C4 game because my DSL connection blinked," Green updated last weekend. "DRM fail. We need new solutions."

That update was followed shortly with, "Welp. I've tried to be open-minded. But my 'net connection is finicky--and the constant disruption of my C&C4 SP game makes this unplayable."

Those of you who have been playing Command & Conquer 4, have you had sort of problems?

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  • weefatbob
    Nope, not had any problems with it at all.....but, that may be because as soon as I got it home and installed it, I downloaded a crack for it that allows me to play it normally as I and all should be able to.

    This situation may be caused by the pirates, or so we are led to believe, still think same as everyone else it is all about second hand sales etc, but thank god the pirates cracked it, so myself a legit player can play it like a normal game.

    Now the big kicker.... If this DRM method is continually used by publishers, I will not be a "paying" customer for much longer.
  • Matan Eldan
    +1 to Rab1d-BDGR!
    I wish these companies would have adopt your idea :)
  • Anonymous
    When I pay for a game Im supposedly paying for a FULL game, not one half of it on a DVD and the second half located on some server to witch I could or could not have access depending on and internet connection. Is it even legal to sell a half working product?