COMDEX: Maxtor's 7200 RPM External FireWire Drive

External storage can be pretty limiting in both the amount of data you can store and the speed in which you can store it. It can also be fairly expensive. While removable media like CDRs are pretty cheap, the drives that burn them tend to get really expensive in their non-internal form. At Comdex this week, Maxtor unveiled a mobile storage solution that looks pretty attractive in speed and capacity if not quite in price. The company's new 80 GB Personal Storage 3000DV is a 7200 RPM external hard drive that hooks up to your computer via FireWire (IEEE 1394). Available now, the 80GB Personal Storage 3000DV has a suggested retail price of $349.95. Maxtor also offers both 1394 PCI Adapter Card and 1394 CardBus that let you upgrade your machine with FireWire ports. Both are also now available for $49.95 and $99.95, respectively.

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